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The concept behind my new album Clips is simple — a forward thinking beat tape, a collection of instrumentals woven together to form a long-playing listening experience.  I tried to take your average rap/trap beat to the next level with analog synths, live turntable cuts and experimental production … but not crossing too far into dance music.


Clips refers to ammunition, because this album is truly open source.  All music stems (individual audio tracks from each song) will be available on day of release.  A sample pack that consists of my favorite drum, percussion and fx will be released on Splice, a relatively new sample streaming service for producers that I am a huge fan (and active user) of.  Artists are invited to remix and rework anything from the album and put their spin on it, or even to use my musical components in their own productions.   Take my drums and sounds, you can make your own Salva beats… you can take some of my stems and flip them and virtually collaborate with me.


Clips also refers to audio and movie clips, which you can hear my inspiration in the form of little splices, DJ scratches and interludes.  This album is 40-some odd minutes of various musical stylings, all with the underlying 808 backbone.  You can hear a little bit of uk grime influence near the end, a LOT of southern trap influence throughout, and bits of Cali, New York, Miami and Chicago. 


Regarding the album artwork — I’ve been studying 3D computer graphics for the past couple years in my spare time…I got really addicted to it.  So much that it has become a permanent installation in my music artwork and live show visuals.  For Clips I did all the design, layout, graphics, animations and video shorts.  I really enjoy presenting the entire artistic idea, and now I get to go perform all the audio visual elements of this album live… after many years of DJing, doing a live a/v set is the logical next for me. 


I hope electronic and rap music fans enjoy this record.  Regardless how it is received by fans or critics, I’m excited to hear all the resulting remixes, songs and other content that comes out of the stems and sample pack versions of the album. 


I want to help push a new “open source” music format where everybody is encouraged to collaborate and share content instead of being forced to illegally remix songs, which results in so much great underground music going to waste or never being discovered in the first place.



Thanks for your ears.


P. Salva

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Promo Clips

  • Memories
  • Stranger Things Have Happened
    Stranger Things Have Happened
  • DD
  • System
  • Cold Case
    Cold Case
  • Bells
  • Tryna Cut
    Tryna Cut
  • Fucc / Badman
    Fucc / Badman
  • Drop The Glock
    Drop The Glock
  • Her
  • BBB
  • Dungeonmaster
  • Club Wave
    Club Wave
  • Cruise Thru Fillmore 97
    Cruise Thru Fillmore 97
  • Nuff Darkness
    Nuff Darkness
  • Souf Lndn
    Souf Lndn
  • Bunker